We need your voice

Do your friends and family keep telling you that you have a great voice?

It’s time for you to consider becoming a voice artist.
Our 3 simple steps will show you how to submit your demo successfully.


Watch this to make sure your demo gets our attention!


Prepare your bio

We want to give you a fair shot at being introduced to our clients. So please give us as much info as possible

Record the demo script

Only use our demo script. This helps our voice talent consistency and demo representation.

Email your demo

When you have the audio files and you’ve completed Step 1 and 2, please email your demo.

When we review your demo, we look for a few key factors

Is there evidence of talent?

We have developed a keen ear for detecting the right type of voices.

The experience level

Yes, we can actually hear if you have done this before. We can coach you if necessary.

Have you had any paid gigs?

This is not crucial, but if you have recorded radio ads or voice overs before then it sure helps.

When you email us your demo, include a little about yourself. Please include gender, age range, where you live and how you record voice-overs (home / private studio or professional studio). Also include the language/s that your are fluent in. Please share your website / social media links too.

Please email your audio files to us using the direct email link

If the size of your audio files are larger than 4mb then please use

How the demo process works...

Please be patient – we’re careful about not rushing decisions about adding voices until we are 100% positive that they’re perfect for our clients.

We may provide feedback as to why you were or were not selected – this way you can develop your talent with some honest feedback.  

Let's work together

Do you need more assisting in submitting or maybe guidance on where to record?